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Friday, February 4, 2011

4 weeks and counting!

Alot has happened sense i last posted on this blog! We found out that we are having a baby boy! Bentley Hyde Stowe! He is very active and loves kickin and flippin and punchin! Cant wait to meet this little bug! We moved into a new apartment behind harmons and are awaiting for kam to join the U.S. Navy when he is done with his associates degree in may! We purchased a new car so mommy can feel safe with a baby in the back seat! We have also celebrated our 1st year anniversary as a married couple! It was spent moving... which is ok! We had a fun weekend planned but the house sold and had to be out fast!
While awaiting for the baby we have gotten his side of the room all set up and very excited for the shower tomorrow to spend with friends and family and celebrate this precious baby coming into our lives! he has been such a blessing so far! And with his arrival it will be filled with many blessings from that day forward!
We are so excited for our baby and cant wait to love on him and get to be parents finally!!!! We love you Bentley and cant wait for you to come!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


So these past few weeks have been crazy! I am now 19 weeks as of today!!! YAY! we find out on wednesday if its our Bentley Hyde or Mataya Elizabeth! I cannot wait! I keep telling people that if baby aint showing them goods then baby is grounded! cause im not waiting til march 4th to find out!!!! My belly is growing and thats good but very WEIRD!!!! Im not used to having a growing belly! haha! Sickness is out of the way for the most part! just migraines... which suck but im used to them just not used to no meds... im still moodier than ever! kam just loves it! haha not really! We are in the process of moving AGAIN..... which sucks... ugh i hate it but in better news my parents sold their rental! its been in the works sense we moved in! but packing up everything totally sucks!!!! well that is our busy little lives as of today!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kamerons first Nelson Reunion!!!

So this last weekend we had the chance to go to the 2010 spring reunion! it was so fun! kam met the family that he hadnt met before! and i got to see all my cousins that i havent seen in forever!!! it was so beautiful to get together with the cousins and hang out with all the family! all i can say is cousin dinner needs to happen alot more!!! so much fun! thanks to stacey for putting it together for us all!! we celebrated the months! each month had a different thing to do and we took pictures it was alot of fun! kam wasnt in our group which is ok cuase he was able to meet and mingle with more of the cousins!!! we also stayed at luke and jess house! oh how the boys love kam!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Its finally happened! im MRS STOWE! its been a while sense i have posted anything new! im also trying to do mine and kams blog! haha! its been crazy! so the day was amazing! it couldnt have been a more beautiful day! weather was perfect! no drama thank goodness! it all ran super smooth! i will post pictures when i get them! it will be here soon i hope! we are now livin here in st george! kam is going to school at dixie full time and working a big o tires working full time! poor man! i am working full time at albertsons and tryin to fit the salon in again! i miss doin hair! so i will jump into that as soon as my days slow down! so if you need anything let me know! we will be here for about one year then its up to u of u for him to do his bachelor degree! he is going into law! we have a lot of school years a head of us! but we can do it! together we can do anything!
we love you all

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So no joke Tom Hanks was here in St George! and he stopped at Albertsons! He and his brother were just passing thru on to park city! his brother came in and did the shopping and he stayed in the car! but we went outside and met him! yea i met Tom Hanks! he is the coolest guy so down to earth! we got pictures with him! he didnt get out of the car which we didnt expect! freak with a bunch of people around me i wouldnt either! haha! but we all chitchatted for about 15-20 min! i had to get back to the check stand so i went in before a few others! it was awesome! heres the pic!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Dress!

ok for those that havent taken a look at mine and kams blog you should! i made a couples one for when we get married and i will post about us on there more that i will on here! but it is kdstowe.blogspot.com
about the dress! its on that page! take a look at it and tell me what you think! it is the collared on! read about it under our picture slideshow!
love ya!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I need lots of Ideas! HELP!

Hey everyone!
I am wanting to do a photoshoot here real soon
and I need help with ideas of...
Where to take pictures
How to have the models dess
How to do their Makeup...
If you have any ideas on any of these
just feel free to let me know!
Thanks love you all!

New Blogspot

Hey guys!
So seeing as how I am getting married in a few 5 months i decided to start a spot with kam my fiance! so take a look at it! and i will update that one more i think! Ill try and do this one just as much but anything about me and him will be on there!

Our Hawaii trip

About our trip

Well i know for a fact its been a way long time! haha! well i finally had time to upload some pictures to my thing!

Ok... so I went to Hawaii last month with Kam and his parents for 10 days! it was so much fun! i got to meet his brother Kent and his sister in law Jackie and their 3 amazing boys! Hayden, Corbyn and taysen who was born two days before we got there! they are an adorable family!
On March 14th the second night there we went for a walk on the beach and Kam decided to ask me to marry him right there! it was right out of the fairytale stories or the movies! haha it was perfect! i never thought he would do it there! it was a fantastic surprise!
The rest of the trip was amazing! not just cause i was purposed to but because i was in Hawaii with the love of my life and my new fiance!!! I can say that we will be returning there in a few years with some friends! it was amazing!
We are wanting to get married on October 24, 2009! here in st george! so save the date!

Random events sense the last post!

So if I remember correctly...
I havent posted sense before Halloween! so i added some pictures from Grants 3rd Birthday!
I was the MOH for my Best friend Brittney Griffiths Gibson on November 8th!
I also went to Twilight with my other best friend Kate Horrocks soon to be my sister in law! and we had so much fun! Im so excited for the Wedding!!! I love her! Zach couldnt have found a better girl!

About 3 years ago i received a new name! Aunt Kayla! I love it! these here are my favorite 6! Well the only 5 nephews and 1 neice!